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Something for Kelly


Motivated by her niece’s – Kelly Burk Nobbe – untimely death in 2009, Patti Geolat has created a national foundation to fight eating disorders.

About Our Foundation

“Although we knew that Kelly was battling this monster, we could not fathom that she could go to bed one night, after what seemed like a normal day, and not wake up. The Foundation has been established to prevent this tragic and needless loss from happening to other families.” 

We believe that no child is born with an eating disorder; that we all enter this world ready to have a healthy relationship with food, given the right environment – a nurturing family, an inclusive society and the right external influences. 

We believe that a predisposition to eating disorders is caused by a complex web of environmental, biological and social factors. 

We believe that a wholesome approach to eating disorders is possible, and our goal is to support a selection of programs that will help individuals and families facing this challenge. 

Something for Kelly Foundation is the next generation in nonprofit foundations. Our intent is to reach cultural, inter-generational and international audiences.


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