Programs & Services

Please check back with us frequently for more details on our Programs, Services & Camps for children and teens.

Yummy Wisdom

In 2015, Karen Fryday-Field and her team generously donated their time and resources to publish the first edition of Yummy Wisdom, a picture book which helps build healthy choices by young children who are learning to read. We are currently undergoing the 2nd publication of this book and are working to develop an age-appropriate curriculum to accompany it by the end of 2016. Meanwhile, the book is taking off as our team works hard to distribute it to many elementary classrooms and pediatric clinics nationwide.  

Speaking Engagements

Our team is dedicated to increasing awareness of eating disorders and negative body image in young children and we support speakers to give educational presentations before PTA groups, teacher and nursing continuing education courses, specifically in Southern Illinois and North Texas. Our goal is to educate parents and caregivers on the warning signs, causes, and ways to help children at-risk for eating disorders.

Children’s Summer Camp

We are crossing our fingers in hopes that 2016 will mark our first annual children’s day camp for kids ages 6-12 where the focus will be on health and fitness while incorporating fun activities and sports, tasty and healthy cooking lessons, games activities, and educational group-time which will teach healthy techniques and concepts to handle life stress.