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February is National Eating Disorder Awareness Month, and heralds the start of fundraising month for the Something for Kelly Foundation. Eating disorders are a critically underfunded area of research, and insurance coverage for treatment remains inadequate.

Children as young as six can present signs and symptoms of an eating disorder, which if left untreated can continue throughout their lifetime. Eating disorders are a potentially life-threatening condition, causing heart muscles to weaken, bone density to decrease, hair thinning, hair loss, fainting and weakness, and muscle loss and weakness. Eating disorders are also the leading cause of death in individuals suffering with a mental illness.

Let that sink in—the leading cause of death. It is estimated that more people in the U.S. are diagnosed with an eating disorder than autism, schizophrenia, and Alzheimer’s combined and yet it receives less research funding from the National Institute of Health than any of those disorders.

It is also a highly-misunderstood disorder as many people believe it is the result of narcissism and vanity, but an eating disorder is not a choice.

What is the solution?
The Something for Kelly Foundation believes that no child comes into this world with an eating disorder. Every person is born ready to have a healthy relationship with food. Given a nurturing family and the right external influences, eating disorders can be prevented. By addressing potential eating disorders as early as age six, it is possible to prevent a harmful and possibly intractable eating behavior from taking hold.

The programs at the Something for Kelly Foundation aim to encourage a mind shift in children with a predisposition to eating disorders, motivating them to be healthier and change their relationship with food.

The most important first step to take is to start a conversation and support the programs at the Something for Kelly Foundation.

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