Our Programs

Our goal is to help children at risk for eating disorders grow into happy, well-rounded adults by giving them the resources and tools to have a healthy relationship with their bodies.

In Pursuit of Happiness Educational Series
Too often we find ourselves exposed to media content that may or may not be helpful. Unfortunately, too often we absorb messages that can prove harmful. In Pursuit of Happiness offers you a choice: to decide what you are willing to pay attention to and know from the get-go how it will affect you in the long run. This monthly author series will inspire you and your loved ones to stay focused on what it truly means to be and stay happy.

Take Back Your Life: Breakthrough Series
Designed to address eating disorders at their core, this motivational series will help you and your family move closer to your breakthrough moment: the instant that you realize that the momentum can be reversed. You have the power to do it, and we have the speakers to deliver the high impact messages you are waiting to hear.

Weight Goal: Healthy
You can have many goals in life: to succeed, get into a good college, earn a good living, provide and be provided for…you name it. This cutting edge mental health awareness workshop will teach you what “health” really is and expose the biggest misconception of all: that a surplus or lack of food doesn’t bring any benefits to your self-image. Join us to discover what your real goals should be.

ReConnect – Wisdom for Life
A wholesome, healthy life is also a spiritual life. Reconnect with the part of yourself that “has all the answers.” Listen to speakers and teachers who come from near and far away places to speak about the benefits of choosing to lead a principled life. Unlock your potential. Find your purpose. Lead.

SmartUP – outreach program in elementary schools
Ready, set, go! We are bringing Something for Kelly Foundation programs to an elementary school near you! Do you have a friend, parent or fellow schoolmate who could benefit from an introduction to our programs and events? Help someone connect with SFKF’s solutions. Get in touch with us today! We’ll make it so much fun that you’ll want to hear from us again and again.

LWLT: Listen. Watch. Learn. Take action!
It’s not code, we promise. It’s a one-of-a-kind parenting workshop tailored for parents who need guidance in recognizing ED behavior. Learn how to communicate with your child and steer them in the right direction. Something for Kelly foundation speakers are available for PTA meetings nationwide.